3 Reasons to Build a Guest House in Your Backyard


You’re at a crossroads if you need a home with more space but love your neighborhood and property. Maybe you’re house hunting but haven’t seen anything you like as much as your current place. Or, you’re having trouble competing in the housing market and are frustrated getting out-bid by other offers. Opting for an addition to your current home is one solution–but building a guest house in your backyard offers more potential and added value to your home.

A guest house in your backyard adds square footage to your current property and a potential income source and considerable value. Here are three of the reasons you should build a guest house in your backyard.

Get more usable square footage with a guest house than an addition.

If you’re considering building an addition to your current home, you might find that a guest house gives you more benefits with less hassle and disruption. There’s an array of limitations to adding more living space to an existing structure, from where you can put it to how big it can be.

When you work with a designer, you can customize your guest house to your specifications. You can add multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen to your property, without changing your home’s floor plan.

For those people working from home, a guest house doubles as a home office. It offers privacy and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of your home. You’ll be able to focus – disruption-free – on work, but keep your commute under a minute.

Building a guest house in your backyard adds potential income to your property.

Suppose you have a beautiful property or live in a desirable neighborhood. In that case, rental income could be your path to early retirement, a dream vacation, or a summer vacation home. A guest house in your backyard can generate thousands of dollars in extra income every year. There’s unlimited potential with a guest house in your backyard. Consider using the space in these ways:,

  • Student housing: if you live near a college or university, rent it by the semester for quiet graduate and postdoc students.
  • Monthly sublets: with the popularity of van life, you can rent it by the month for digital nomads.
  • Weekend stays or week-long vacations: if you live near attractions or in a popular area, make extra money a few days each week.

Because it’s in your backyard, there’s no anxiety about how guests are treating your property, and turnover between renters is convenient.

Provide comfortable, long-term accommodations for friends and family.

If your family lives out of state, you may not have seen them at all during COVID. A guest house allows you to invite friends and family for extended stays without disrupting the flow and order of your home. Parents and older family members will also be more comfortable with private accommodations. Your guest house design can include everything from a kitchenette and half bathroom to a fully functional kitchen and master bathroom.

Working with a designer and contractor lets you customize your backyard guest house to how you plan on using it. Ollendorff Construction is an experienced full-service construction company that partners with clients to build the additions, home renovations, and guest homes of their dreams.

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A backyard guest house adds value to your property, provides a potential revenue stream, and a year-round place for friends and family to stay. For a free estimate to build a guest house in your backyard, contact us today.