4 Benefits of a Custom Home in Los Angeles


There are countless properties on the market at any given time. But, listing after listing, it may appear that none fits the place you envision as home. Maybe it’s too small, the flooring material isn’t your favorite, or the layout doesn’t resemble how you live.

Even with renovations, there’s only so far you can go.

Some would-be buyers decide to start from scratch and make their dream home a reality, down to the finest specification. Ollendorf Construction makes it possible for these custom, no-compromise homes to match the owner’s every desire.

Custom homes in Los Angeles continue to be the ideal solution for many. Perhaps they could be for you too. See if these four benefits appeal to you.

1. You get to personalize details both big and small

With a custom build, there are hardly limits to how you influence the look and functionality of your home. The home is as big as you wish, built with the materials you want, and

To stretch this customizability as far as possible, it’s a great idea to work with a widely capable construction firm.

This ensures that you won’t have to work with multiple different teams, while still having every aspect of your home adjusted to your wishes.

And you don’t just get to personalize the cosmetic aspects of a custom home. Design choices and decisions on materials can contribute to enhanced durability, meaning less repair work down the line.

2. You decide your home’s footprint on your yard

Something no renovation can fix is where the home is located in the yard. If you don’t like where it faces or how much unnecessary space it takes up, there’s nothing to do about it.

Custom homes in Los Angeles, meanwhile, make this something you can control. In designing your home, you can align it with your lifestyle and how you wish to experience your yard.

With your home’s footprint exactly as you like, you have the flexibility to, say, install a pool or play around with creative landscaping concepts.

3. You can make value-centered customizations

Not everyone building a custom house wants it to be their forever home. Some, maybe like you, plan to eventually place the home on the market.

A custom home can potentially help you fetch a larger return if you decide to sell. As you can hear from any realtor, attention to detail strongly influences a property’s value. And, with a custom home, you exercise control over how each feature pans out.

In the meantime, those value-boosting features give you a higher quality of life.

4. You can make your custom build green from the get-go

Because you have so much control over the building process, you can make your custom home eco-friendly right from the beginning.

You can do so through improved insulation for greater energy efficiency and design choices that cater to self-generated clean power, such as solar.

As you live in the home, you benefit from permanently decreased utility bills. And you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have just a minimal carbon footprint.
Make your dream home real, detail for detail, with a custom home in Los Angeles

You can have the home you want, exactly as you’ve always pictured it. Ollendorf Construction has made that possible throughout Los Angeles for over two generations.

The experience and seasoned craftsmanship that mark our work enable us to take preferences and ideas, flesh them out, and build them into complete, custom homes.

Get a free estimate today and step closer to having a home that’s yours all the way.