Everything You Need to Know About Room Additions for Your Home


Whether you’d like to adapt your living space to meet your new needs, give your home new amenities, or increase its value in anticipation of a sale, a room addition can help you achieve your goal.

We have vast experience with room additions at Ollendorf Construction, and that puts us in a position to let you know what to expect if you decide on this option.

1. It’s a fast and clean process

You’ll often hear that room additions mean getting used to having construction going on in your home for a long time. When you work with experienced constructors and engineers, that’s simply not the case.

Applying their years of experience, expert constructors can find ways to perform your room addition with greater efficiency, ensuring that you receive quality service but with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Likewise, you often don’t have to worry about construction dust or other annoyances. An experienced team can ensure that construction activities stay firmly contained within the area of the home being reworked. That leaves you and your family free to enjoy living in your home as you’re used to.

2. You have plenty of choice

Room additions allow you to choose from a vast selection of options. You can choose to simply expand a room within your home, add a new one, or add an entire;y new story.

You also get extensive control over the process, with the chance to customize your home exactly to your tastes.

That means you can focus on particular needs that you or a family member could greatly benefit from, such as increased accessibility and amenities for those with limited mobility.

You can decide to go for a kitchen expansion, making your kitchen more functional and comfortable and creating room for extra appliances.

And if you’ve found yourself working from home but without a dedicated space to be productive, a home office addition can solve your problem.

When it comes to room additions, the scope of the project can be as big or small as you’d like. It’s an option that can be adapted to meet varying needs, making it open to everyone.

3. A lot of planning is involved

The amount of planning required in your room addition depends on the scale of the project. If you’re expanding an existing room, minimal planning may be needed. However, if you’re opting for changes such as adding a completely new room or a new story, there’s more planning needed.

For a new story, for example, an engineer needs to draw up a new floor plan, in addition to deciding how they’re going to rewire the plumbing and AC systems of the house.

The complexity of room additions you’re looking for influences the planning involved. The larger and more specific the add-ons, the more experienced the construction team needs to be.

4. You can increase your home’s value

Rooms additions for your house mean more customization and a refreshing amount of extra space. If you plan to sell the house in the future, you can rest assured buyers will take notice.

Options such as en-suite bathrooms always have potential to boost the home’s value, positioning you better when you eventually place it on the market.

The same goes for walk-in closets, sunrooms, and extra garages.

In the meantime, you’re making your home more comfortable and enjoyable for yourself. When you decide to sell, you’re helping it fetch higher.
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