Fire and Water Damage Restoration


Has your home been damaged or destroyed by fire, water and or sewage leakage?

Has your house has been damaged or destroyed by fire, water, sewage or mud, we at Ollendorff Construction can rebuild every part of your home that’s been affected. We have experience in the insurance claims process and in most cases Insurance companies do pay for your damages as long as you have the proper experienced general contractor working for you. Insurance company adjusters are trained to save money from every claim. In most cases if you don’t have a knowledgeable, reputable and skilled independent general contractor you may get shorted on your rebuild payout. If that happens you may not have enough money to rebuild you house back in the pre-loss condition. We can work with your insurance adjuster directly and streamline the process by assessing all damages and coming up with a proper bid to get your home rebuilt.

Available rebuild options

Are you looking to restore your home to its former glory, rebuild a new home of your dreams, or even make changes to the living space? We will work with you to accomplish your goals using the latest in design and building technology. Furthermore, all our rebuilt homes fully comply with California’s fire resistance and energy efficiency codes. This results in a much safer, healthier and more comfortable place to live for the future. We are here to help please feel free to contact us and get a free on-site evaluation and fire damage assessment.

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