Thinking of a Flooring Change?

In our many years in construction we have seen countless failed flooring installations by other contractors or the infamous handyman. Mostly due to lack understanding of installation materials and procedures. At Ollendorff Construction rest assured that we will help you find a flooring option that will satisfy your lifestyle needs; design likes and budget. Let us know what ideas you have in mind and we can present you the correct options of flooring material for your application. We make sure that our clients are well informed about flooring material ability to withstand regular traffic, hold up against the dirt and grime that makes it in the home from outdoors. Additionally, we also restore older floors by resurfacing, and refinishing them in the stain color and sheen of your choosing. We have rescued countless homeowners who want to preserve their original antique flooring but have received mis-guided advice by other contractors/handymen. Usually those individuals are lack of experience and not familiar or capable of refinishing old flooring and just want to get the job by offering different flooring options. Please feel free to contact us with your flooring needs.

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