Increase your home value with a bathroom or kitchen remodel in West Covina


Whether we’re aware of it or not, the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that we spend most of our time. Because of this, the money you put into your kitchen and bathrooms is immediately noticeable by you, your family, and anyone who comes into your home. At Ollendorff Construction, we want to help you beautify these areas of your home while you increase its overall value. So, we’ve put together a list of four ways that you can increase your home’s value with a bathroom or kitchen remodel in West Covina.

Update cabinetry

You can lower your remodeling budget by using what you already have. Simply replacing the hardware and adding a coat of paint can revitalize old cabinets and make them look new again. If you’re tired of the style of your cabinets, you don’t have to take the whole thing out. For a lower cost than ripping out and replacing your cabinets, you can put new doors on them. They’ll feel just like they’re brand new. Although, if you’d had enough of your cabinets and want to start fresh or install cabinets with a different configuration, you can always have us put in new ones for you.

Update plumbing

Old homes typically come with old, outdated plumbing. If you’re looking to do a major overhaul with your bathroom or kitchen remodel, have your contractor take a look at your plumbing. If it’s old, get it updated. This is something that you can spend money on now so you don’t have to worry about it later if you need to sell your house. You’ll probably also notice better-tasting water from the kitchen tap and generally more efficient water flow after the remodel.

New countertops

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your kitchen or your bathroom, your countertops get a lot of use over time. This is an area where you can upgrade your kitchen or bathroom without a long and invasive remodeling process. Replace your original laminate countertop with a stronger and more durable marble, quartz, or granite countertop. These new counters clean easier and provide a durable and lasting surface that increases the value of the rooms they’re in.

Improved lighting

Brighten your home with new light fixtures. It’s nice to let natural lighting illuminate your home, but that’s not always feasible. You can easily create a brighter home with updated lighting. A well-lit room feels warmer and more inviting to visitors. Cove lighting and recessed lighting not only produce a bright environment, you can create a room with dynamic lighting options.

Install an island

This is specific to kitchen remodels. Islands have been increasing in popularity for decades. They’ve also gotten progressively larger and more functional. An island is a great way to immediately expand your counter space and create a central place for gathering in your kitchen. You can choose to house your dishwasher and sink on your island or simply install more cabinets. Either way, you’ll enjoy more storage and counter space with a new island.

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Get started today on your bathroom or kitchen remodel in West Covina. Contact our team to learn more about how Ollendorff Construction can help with your remodel. We’ll walk you through the process and help you find places where your remodel will increase the value of your home. We have you covered from the initial planning and design phases all the way through the finishing touches.