Roofing Companies in Los Angeles on How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Roof


Your roof protects your property and loved ones. Knowing when it’s time to replace your roof is essential to preventing a catastrophic failure. Most people don’t think about their roof until there’s already significant damage to their home’s interior or visible damage on the outside. But you shouldn’t wait until you see water damage on the ceiling or walls, cracks in the tiles, or dark stains to call a roofing expert.

Los Angeles roofing companies can help you identify when it’s time to update your roof. They’ll inspect your home for signs of damage and offer advice and guidance if you need a full roof replacement. You may also opt to upgrade your roof with an energy-efficient alternative, even if you’re not facing catastrophic failure.

Here are five key signs it’s time to update your roof.

#1. You can see deformed shingles from the ground.

You may see the edges of your asphalt shingles curling or whole tiles buckling. Both show that your roof is old and ready for replacement. It’s easy for moisture from rain or snow to get into the places where the shingles are no longer flat against the roof and damage your home and attic.

#2. There are bald spots on your asphalt tiles.

Asphalt tiles depend on tiny granules of crushed stone and minerals to reflect sunlight and resist precipitation. Towards the end of your roof’s life, the granules come loose from the asphalt, leaving bald spots without weatherproofing properties and allowing moisture into your attic.

#3. There are mold spots on the ceiling of your attic.

Your roof needs to do two jobs; keep the weather out and ventilate your home. As warm air rises through your house, an improperly vented roof will trap it in the attic, allowing moisture to gather. The trapped moisture in a dark environment will lead to mold that can eventually rot through your roof, causing a catastrophic failure and needing a full replacement.

#4. There are places with missing shingles, and you can see daylight from the attic.

You’re long overdue for an upgrade when you can see your roof isn’t doing its core job–keeping the weather out of your home. Ignoring signs like missing shingles or visible daylight lets the problems from an old or inadequate roof mount up, potentially causing lasting damage to your foundation and home’s interior.

Roofing companies in Los Angeles can upgrade your roof to not only protect your home but also lower your utility bills year-round.

#5. Your utility bills keep getting more expensive.

To an untrained eye, it isn’t easy to see if a roof is old or run-down. One key sign that it’s time to upgrade your roof is if your heating and cooling bills keep getting more expensive. It may be that your roof isn’t insulating effectively if you’ve noticed a dramatic increase in your statements from the previous year. A roofing company in Los Angeles has trained experts to evaluate your roof and determine if it needs an upgrade with a full replacement or just simple repairs.

Get an expert opinion on whether it’s time to update your roof from the trusted Los Angeles roofing company.

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