Top 5 Reasons to Hire a New Home Builder for Your Custom Home


New home builders can recognize people who’ve been in the market for a new home for a while. They’re familiar with the months of frustration that home-buyers experience. The hurdles of finding the perfect place, making an offer, and the nerve-wracking wait to see if it gets accepted, or even getting into a bidding war over a place that you love.

There’s a better option than dealing with the ongoing stress of searching for places in the right neighborhood with features you need and are in your price range. Here are the top five reasons to hire a new home builder to design and build your custom Los Angeles area home:

#1. Get everything you want within your budget.

When you’re shopping for a home, you have to do endless calculations in your head. A place might be within your budget, but require thousands in renovations and additions to turn it into your dream home. Or, a house is in the neighborhood that you love but has significant issues that’ll need repairs.

Ollendorff Construction works within your budget, so you get all the features you want without compromising on a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

#2. A home built with construction you can trust.

Don’t cross your fingers and hope an inspection will catch any issues with the foundation, roof, or more. Work with a new home builder, and you’ll have the certainty your home is built to last with the best materials possible.

Instead of stressing about potential buyer-beware situations, you can plan for regular maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement decades down the line.

#3. Eliminate stress and uncertainty in home buying.

An experienced custom home builder will tell you how long the construction of your home will take. They’ll anticipate delays and issues and will never leave you in the dark about what’s going on with the build. There’s no dread that your dream home will come on the market after you’ve closed on a place you feel was a compromise.

Ollendorff Construction is a second-generation new home design and construction company, so you can feel confident in who’s building your new home.

#4. Work with people who know your project inside and out.

By partnering with Ollendorff Construction, you’re establishing a relationship with a team of experts who will get to know your project from the foundation to the finishing touches. You’ll never have to remind them you need an additional half-bath or are not interested in looking in a particular neighborhood.

#5. Build the perfect home in the ideal location.

The most critical part of buying a home is the location. Whether your priority is a short commute, a high-quality school district, or proximity to culture and nightlife, there’s no way to “fix” a bad location for a home. One of the best benefits of building a custom home is the ability to get your dream home in the ideal spot.

Experienced builders will customize your home to your location, so you get plenty of natural light and a layout that makes sense for the lot.

Ollendorff Construction is an experienced new home builder, providing design, remodel, room additions, and new home construction through the Los Angeles area.

A custom home allows you to specify your “must-have” features and doesn’t ask you to compromise on anything. If you’re looking at properties throughout the Los Angeles area, get in touch with Ollendorff Construction to work with an experienced and reliable new home builder.

We’re a second-generation construction company that provides premier construction services to LA and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, dedication to excellence, and innovative home designs. Reach out to talk about your dream home and get a free estimate.