What To Look For In Custom Home Builders In Los Angeles County


Working with custom home builders in Los Angeles County is a little bit of a different experience than working with general or subcontractors to build your tract house. They’re going to help you identify features and amenities that fit the function and design that you’re looking for in your home. With help from our team at Ollendorff Construction, you can learn what you should look for in a custom home builder to make sure you’re hiring the best person for the job.

Strong communication

Communication is an essential part of working with a contractor in any job. You want to make sure that they’re understanding what you want and they’re able to effectively communicate to you any problems or roadblocks they encounter along the way. If you’re working with a builder who doesn’t communicate well, they might go ahead with a solution to a problem that you didn’t approve of or make adjustments without your consent. Be aware of how well a builder communicates with you during the vetting process.

Positive customer reviews

You can learn a lot about a home builder and what they’re like to work with as well as their quality of work. Something to keep in mind when reading reviews is that people who leave reviews are most often completely satisfied or unsatisfied. Consider a builder who has a good number of positive reviews and a strong overall rating and you can feel confident that you’ll be hiring the best builder for you.

Offers warranties

Something you might not think too much about when building a home is warranties. Builders will often include a warranty to go with their work in case something settles incorrectly, workmanship fails, or any other potential problems that have been identified. Custom home builders who are confident in their work will back it up with a warranty or guarantee that will keep you protected for at least the first few years in your new home so you don’t have to fit the bill for repairs.

Pride in their work

Don’t be shy about asking to see a builder’s previous work. A good builder takes a tremendous amount of pride in their work, and they should. Building homes is something that takes time to learn how to do and not everyone does it well. When speaking to the builder about other projects they’ve done, you can still tell the difference between their taking pride in their work with a measure of humility compared to not being willing at all to talk about their work. If they’re not willing to talk about previous work, it probably wasn’t done well.


Every builder has things that they do and don’t like to do. For example, one builder might love the aesthetic of a sliding barn door for your office, while another hates that you lose that part of the wall. When it comes down to it, you have the final say on that sliding door and if you want it, the builder should be willing to install it for you. Your builder is there to provide you with expert-level advice while you make the final decisions and they should be flexible enough to be able to roll with it.


It’s better to have a brutally honest home builder and upfront than one who skates around topics or gives you lip service. You’re going to want to know whether or not you can afford the features and amenities you’re looking for in your home before you even start the project. Don’t be afraid to ask a contractor if they can do the things you want in your home and how much it will add to the cost. If they give you straightforward answers, you can feel confident that they’ll be honest with you throughout the entire building process.

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