Why you should work with an expert for flooring installation


A new floor can drastically change the look and feel of your home. While it’s a job you could try to tackle yourself, there are a number of benefits to hiring an expert to do the flooring installation work for you.

1. Knowledge

Flooring experts are knowledgeable in installing a variety of floor types, from carpet to hardwood to vinyl tile and more. Each installation process is a little different, and a flooring professional will be able to do it all. Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own and hoping for the best, hire a knowledgeable flooring expert.

2. Experience

Practice makes perfect, and flooring experts have years of experience in flooring installation. They know the proper techniques and best practices, what challenges to expect, and how to solve any flooring problems that may arise. At Ollendorff Construction, our company has decades of experience in flooring installation and other home renovation projects. If you attempt to install a new floor yourself, can you trust that it will be done correctly on the first try?

3. Professional opinions

In addition to knowing how to install a variety of floor types, flooring experts are familiar with industry trends and will know what flooring type will help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home or office. They’re able to recommend different products based on your design and durability needs, and can provide professional opinions and flooring knowledge.

4. Convenience

Installing a floor takes time and physical labor, not to mention all the time spent measuring the floors and shopping for materials. Hiring a flooring professional to do the work for you saves you time, energy and headaches, and lets you get back to doing other things.

5. Peace of mind

Having a new floor put in is an investment, so you want to make sure it looks great. By hiring flooring professionals, you get peace of mind knowing that the job is being done right, the end results are going to look great, and your new floor will be designed to last.

6. Free estimate

How much is installing a new floor by yourself going to cost you? How many materials will you need to buy? What if you make a mistake and need to redo part of the floor? When doing DIY projects, you don’t always know ahead of time what the grand total of the project will be. By hiring a professional flooring company like Ollendorff Construction, you get a free estimate at the beginning so you know what cost to expect.

7. Variety of services

You may find that the company that does your flooring installation is also great at other construction or design services. For example, in addition to installing gorgeous, durable flooring, Ollendorff Construction also designs and builds custom homes in Los Angeles, including home design, remodels, room additions and new home construction. We’re your one-stop shop for transforming your house into the home of your dreams.

About Ollendorff Construction

Ollendorff Construction is a second-generation, family-owned general construction company. We specialize in nearly all trades of commercial and residential construction, from small room remodels to constructing entirely new buildings. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we always complete jobs with attention to detail and a strong work ethic to deliver stunning results.

We service all areas surrounding Los Angeles, and look forward to working with you on future flooring projects. Whether you need flooring installation or some other custom home construction solution, contact us to get your free estimate.